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No.1 Best Stage Decorators in Salem

Best Stage Decorators in Salem

Are you looking for the best stage decorators in Salem? Yes, you are in the right place. N Wedding decorator is the best stage decorators in Salem that provide stage decoration services as a traditional and modern method with your budget. Here I have shared more inform about stage decorations-related questions. I hope this article will help you find the best stage decorators in Salem.

A stage decorator is someone who is employed to dress, paint and construct the sets for theater productions. Stage decorators play an important role in staging, costumes, and set construction. They are usually hired by theater companies or production management and they are either designers or artists in their own right.

Stage Decorators in Salem

The task of build and design the sets can be an enormous one. The first step is to decide on the kind of sets that need to be design and built. The next step is to create plans for the actual set design. This requires a great deal of invent and usually takes a lot of time, effort, and planning. Stage decorators have to coordinate with the set build in terms of the number of material need to build a particular set accord to the stage dimensions, height, width, etc.

The most important part of a set building is the construction of the scenery. The designer and the stage decorator have to ensure that the finished product is to scale and fits perfectly in its designated space. This can be a very time-consuming process, sometimes taking several weeks or months to complete. Just after the build is completed, the stage decorator has to make sure that all parts of the set are properly assembled and fit together perfectly.

Stage Decors in Salem

 unique form of folk culture found in the villages of Salem district and parts of the Dharmapuri districts. It is a community art form that involves stage decoration for festivals, weddings, fairs, and various other celebrations. The art form is often used as an umbrella term for a variety of stage decorations practiced by the popular in these areas. 

The stage decor is also called Tholkaattu or Kalikettu. The main stages on which these decors are placed could be a decorated hut, an un-roofed area, a courtyard, or any other open grounds with the help of temporary construction material. Hindu deities such as Murugan (Karthigai), Atiranarayanan (Panguni), and Periyannan (Aadi), were often depicted in their respective sculptural forms in these decorations. N Wedding is the no.1 stage decorators in Salem that provides various stage decoration services at best.

The most ancient stage decoration made by the people of Salem district was that of Karkudimurai, which was an animal-like figure on a pole. The animal was made of bamboo and painted with local colors. This was at many times the only decoration that could be used for stage decoration. However, over a long period of time, Stage Decoration underwent a transition in it’s form and artistry.

Many legends were also depicted in these decorative stages, which has remained an identifying feature of the art form. The local deities were depicted on a wooden frame (Aadu) using earthen paint, or as clay models or statues

Stage Decors in Salem

Wedding Stage Decoration Price in Salem

Decorating the wedding stage is a complicated process. The decoration starts with the first step of choosing the theme. The theme should be unique and different from the others. The next step is to consult with the wedding planner regarding the decoration. The decoration should’ not be too simple or too complex according to the size of the wedding hall.

The theme should be as perfect as possible, remembering that it will stand for years for a lifetime. It is a magical symbol that cannot be changed nor can’t be bought in any shop. The small details on stage decor are important to give effects and improve on audience performance. N Wedding is the best stage decorators in Salem that provides stage decoration service at low price.

The price of wedding stage decoration in Salem is an important thing to take into account. It can range from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 25,000 without any extra charges. The stage decoration price in Salem is given as” per the following:

Wedding stage decoration in Salem can be provided at a price of Rs.100,000 the cost of decoration can be obtained by multiplying the no. of items required according to that a team of expert decorators and architects will be sent to provide their services. The cost is minimum amount can increase if there are more items are added by the client.

The cost of wedding stage decoration in Salem will increase considering the number of items used. The average cost of decoration can also be calculated by evaluating the climate, venue, and other factors. The cost can be increased by 5-10% as unexpected things may occur during the wedding stage decoration in Salem. 

Reception Stage Decoration In Salem

The plays a very important role on a special day and it is done with the best of creativity and beautiful designs to make it look more classy. The main idea of the decoration is to make it look natural and elegant. N Wedding is the no.1 reception stage decorators in Salem that provides stage decoration service at an affordable price.

The stage Decorators in Salem work day and night to make the wedding look more cheerful and beautiful. The reception stage decoration in Salem should be done very carefully and sometimes even the brides prefer to help decorate the stage for their marriage as it is a very important part of their life and something that they may remember for a long time when they will get old.

Reception Stage Decoration In Salem
Marriage Stage Decoration Cost In Salem

This is the stage of life when a married couple wants to do all things that they couldn’t do before marriage. They want to spend more time with their spouse and also want their family and friends to know about this wonderful feeling. So it is important for the newly married couple to make a memorable marriage ceremony.

When it comes to decorating the marriage stage, the first thing that comes to mind is the decorations to be used. Decorations are an integral part of a marriage ceremony. If a couple wants their wedding to be talked about by everyone, they should decorate their wedding stage with very attractive ornaments.

Stage Decoration Cost In Salem

There are many things that are involved when it comes to decoration at the time of the marriage ceremony in Salem. At the point when a married couple wants to make their marriage significant, they need to decorate their stage with the best stage decoration. Since it is a very important event in their lives, they want nothing less than the best decoration. It is very essential for them to stick with a decoration that will be remembered for years to come as well. N Wedding is the best stage decorators in Salem provides stage decoration service at low cost.

Stage Decoration In Salem

Stage decoration in Salem usually includes the use of flowers, paper streamers, and lights. Apart from this, the stage decorations in Salem also include balloons, flags, posters, and other items that are used to decorate the stage. N Wedding is the top stage decorators in Salem that provides stage decoration service at best.

It is known that wildlife forms are an integral part of other cultures. Stage Decorators in Salem also include these forms in their decorations. Flowers and leaves are used by plants as they add to their beauty and make them more colorful. These stage decorators in Salem take advantage of this concept and use these plants while decorating the stage so that they can be a source of attraction for their audience.

Stage Decoration In Salem

Wedding Stage Decoration In Salem

The ritual where the bride’s family traditionally makes her wear finery that she will never again take off. The symbolism of this act is to remember the bride as a married woman and that she is not to take her dowry with her after getting married. The “Thali Kattu” or “Marriage knot” ceremony, marks the start of a series of ceremonies and events leading up to the wedding. This wedding stage decoration in Salem tradition is one of the distinctive characteristics of the Tamil culture in Salem. N Wedding is the best stage decorators in Salem that provides stage decoration services at best.

The bride’s parents, relatives, and friends decorate the stage where all other ceremonies are conducted. The stage is traditionally constructed in wood. Various objects and design patterns are prepared separately by a team of craftsmen and then assembled by others on the structure of the stage. These include decorative display platforms, fabric covers with drawings and paintings, umbrellas, a pandal (canopy), floral arrangements, coconut leaves making up to hundreds of items for decoration. It takes about two to three days for preparing the wedding decorations in Salem depending on its scale.

Wedding Stage Decoration In Salem


I hope you learned more information about stage decorators in Salem in the above article. If I miss any valid information then you can post it in the comment sections. Share this article with your friends if you like.

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